Founded by a small group of snowboarders in Holland. Protest outerwear and clothing are built to support core riders but they are also aimed at people who simply want to have fun. Their goal is to make their clothes accessible to as many as possible by designing fashionable and functional snow gear. Offering both Winter & Spring/Summer Collections!

Providing consumers with unmatched innovation at every level is an advantage only Spyder can deliver. Their innovation partners allow Spyder to expand beyond the hyper focused reality of their competitors, and offer distinctive design, next level innovation and premium quality for all consumers.

Designed by women for women. NILS focuses on designing winter apparel to meet the needs of today’s active woman, whose sense of style and performance is uncompromising. Designed by a fierce and talented all female team in Costa Mesa, CA.

Today, Dynastar’s skiability, the brand’s onsnow signature, is forged and constructed on the basis of three attributes, three features which come together to bring you the unparalleled thrills that make Dynastar skis alive and unique. The feeling you get from the ALIVE is, therefore, a ski that offers a feeling of lightness, agility and performance, whatever the terrain or discipline.

Part of the Dynastar Group – Langes unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, revolutionary technology and unparalleled fit allow you to feel like your ski boot is a natural extension of your body. Be one with your boots. Be one with your goal.

As a pioneering brand in the development of safety bindings, LOOK has continuously focused on taking innovation to new levels. A visionary in the design of products that no longer need any introduction, from the “LOOK NEVADA” in 1957 to the first PIVOT binding in 1963, followed by the iconic KONECT binding, LOOK delivers advances designed to enhance pleasure in the mountains.

For more than 50 years, Kerma has been developing increasingly light and rugged poles to meet the needs of all skiers. Kerma poles will help you up your game while giving expert skiers the ultimate in precision. Kerma is back this year with a range of poles combining performance, comfort and lightness.

Faction make high-quality skis that are progressive in their construction as well as in their use in freeride, freestyle and all-mountain skiing.  Some of the best athletes in the world inform their product journey. They capture their stories to inspire fans with exciting content. We are an independent group of skiers, artists, film-makers, engineers, partners, dreamers and doers that is so much more than the sum of its parts. They are united by a love for the mountains and the world’s finest tools of escape.

At Amplid, we know from a lifetime of experience that great equipment makes all the difference in the mountains. An extra second of control, one more inch of pop, a flex pattern that feels harmonious from the start to the end of a turn; little points of difference like these inspire confidence and make your time in the mountains more rewarding.

Northwave and Drake are ripping the throttle wide open again, pedal to the metal, no time for debates about where they are going because it’s only one way for them and that’s all the way to the top. They are rider owned, rider operated and rider driven since 91’!

Northwave and Drake are ripping the throttle wide open again, pedal to the metal, no time for debates about where they are going because it’s only one way for them and that’s all the way to the top. They are rider owned, rider operated and rider driven since 91’!

Built for adventure! Pret was born when a group of snowsports enthusiasts, professional athletes, engineers and veterans of the ski and snowboard industry came together to create the ultimate helmet. After finding the perfect combination of weight, fit and style, we knew we had something special: a helmet so pure that it wouldn’t affect your performance.

We believe in comfort. We use the latest fabrics, the most advanced technologies, and a remarkably unique R&D process focused on innovation. We don’t follow industry trends, we follow comfort. We were the first to bring lightweight rechargeable heated gloves to market, and we have established 19 patents aimed at making your outdoor experience warm and comfortable.We also focus on extremities. That’s it! The only thing we think about is redefining all-weather comfort for your head, hands, and feet.

At Bula, everything they do revolves around living “The good life.” A carefree outdoor existence that is colorful, relaxed, simple and mellow – a true reflection of the people and the products. In essence, life is good. We hope you like their stuff, but more importantly, that you enjoy a bit of the good life as well. They are often thought of as only a winter company, but BULA products are made to keep you moving through all seasons

Skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers are often intimidated by the challenges the face. SHRED's unique eyewear and protection design and technology boost performance to give you the confidence to reach the next level, feel like a pro and have fun!

For Garmont, this philosophy is embodied in the motto ‘Stay Wild’. For those who love the active side of life, Garmont develops innovative and high quality footwear, characterized by proprietary technologies, and designed to give an extra boost in the pursuit of their personal goals.Because you don’t have to be extraordinary to do extraordinary things

Launched in 2018 the northern hemisphere, FW has already cemented its place as the fastest growing and most forward thinking new brand in the marketplace. FW Future_Wild designs high-performance apparel with a newschool philosophy. FW’s mission is rooted in crafting technical outdoor garments with understated aesthetic, always emphasizing sustainability & quality.

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